Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Do you like my curves?

Yesterday was a big day as I finally change the batteries for the three Garmin HR sensors. So today was the first test: will my curves look good? 😉 So after work I change into my two layers of clothes and went out. Fortunately the weather was kind (just under zero) and the roads fine (well I would eat that one around km7 when I met an little slope with ice AAAAALLLLL the way up!).

Started with 3km warmup, all fine, pulse looked good and body was ok. Stopped a couple of minutes then and waited for the first bike to pass by for starting my first interval. Felt a bit heavy for the first 500m but afterwards fine. A quick check at the watch as it was not pipping (i.e. indicating that I was outside the pace range I set: 4:10-4:30) and noticed I was at a steady 4:27/km. All good so continued. Arrived at the rest part, I decided to jog (correct, Staffan?) for 3min and then started again for the second interval. this one: WOW! What a top form! Really great feeling until I noticed I calculated incorrectly and would have to run up/down a little slope close to a bridge. BEST PART OF THE INTERVAL! It gave such a punch to the run, incredible. Finished in 4:20, which was 4sec/km faster than the first one. Little and light jog for resting aaaaaaaaaand off I went again the other way around. So much fun to meet again the same guy with his dog, pass by the runner I met while running the other way around, scaring the old lady with her white dog (again!)… It was slightly tougher than the previous one and definitely not as fun as the second one, even though faster. Then rest but this time with walking easy. Wanted to finish strong. The final interval was way more difficult than expected, had to fight a few times with my brain telling my legs to stop moving (yes, I talk to myself from time to time! probably or mainly when it start to feel painful!). Anyway, when I checked my watch knowing there was approx. 1km left and saw that my pace was at 4:20 I tried to push to the max I could and ended really tired but so happy! And then 3min rest on place and light run back home.

Today’s workout ended as follow: 18.77km – 1:31:56 (4:53/km)

3km warmup
interval 1  13:14 (4:25)
interval 2 13:03 (4:21)
interval 3 12:59 (4:19)
interval 4 12:55 (4:18)
2.1km cool down

each interval 3K
rest between each interval 3min

Followed by thorough stretching and toe exercises. Skipped the prone hover (!!!) as I did it this morning. Now I feel really happy and soooo tired that I will get some well-deserved rest. And btw my bum/thigh feels quite well…

Below you can see my “curves”… Looking like the battery change was working for this one… Keeping my finger crossed! According to Garmin: training effect = 5!

Pace curve

Pace curve

HR curve

HR curve

3 responses

  1. Första gången jag ser vettiga pulsvärden. Verkar ok. Kan du inte ändra skalan på tempot?
    Ja, jog borde det heta på engelska tycker jag.
    So, in total, a good workout and a nice pulse curve 😉

    February 13, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    • Vet inte hur/om man kan byta skalan på tempot. På Garmin connect det är ju bara en bild…

      btw, I continue to work on those curves! 🙂

      February 17, 2013 at 8:21 pm

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