Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

What about having a semi-marathon before breakfast…

Had a good night’s sleep, almost without dreams. Strange right? Planned a very early long run but seriously (!) when the alarm rings at 5:00am on a Sunday morning, you really wish you were to prepare for running a marathon race or so! Snoozed it until 7:00am when the brain started to wake up. Vitamin-C with allergy & iron complement, on with the running gear and off I went (you cannot imagine how nice it feels to right those words again!).

Wanted to run easy on TIME and not DISTANCE. Therefore aiming for a 2hours long run, easy pace (i.e. 5:10-5:30/km). After 2km stopped for some light stretching. Body felt really fine. Noticing on my watch that the pace was already too fast for what I planned. But had a great music mix in the ears (DJ Eclipse – October 2012) and reach the stretching area (see photo below 🙂 ) when one of my favourite parts of the mix. Soooo nice! So rewind a bit after the stretch and started again.

Stretching area carefully watch by Mummy hen and her little chick!

Stretching area carefully watch by Mummy hen and her little chick!

Got some nice views of the water and the bridge. Below one of the tunnels I am crossing from time to time. Seriously, the pic does not reflect the feeling it was. It looks quite spooky here, when actually the feeling was more: “Wow, nice light on the other side!”)

Scary (?) tunnel - or how to be sure there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel? ;)

Scary (?) tunnel – or how to be sure there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel? 😉

Back on the bridge, no car, nobody, only little me there… enjoying fully the view! This bridge has not been part of my route since December if recalling right, so was nice (!) to run up the stiff slope to reach it and finally get to the middle and enjoy the shy sun rising on the still sleeping city.


Over “älven” with dawn lights and ice on the water

Morning dawnlight over the bridge

Morning dawn light over the bridge

A quite boring part of run was done in construction areas and then along the river again. A bit icy from time to time, but good feeling. Once again only few people were outside, and mostly (or ONLY?) because of their dogs needing to get out I would guess! Fun to see a guy fishing ON the water at a little harbour on the route I took.


Got Him who knows how to walk on water 🙂 (or how to fish the Swedish way!)

Here was a part I had to tackle differently than usual! Climbed down on the little pontoon, which was btw REALLY slippery (but thanks to the comments of my friend A, I DO AM CAREFUL when running on wooden parts… Thinking briefly that would I ever fall here, I would probably drown and my body will be found in a couple of months when the ice has been melting… Yaaa, this crossed my thoughts a really brief half-second…)


No need to say I did not RUN there! but walked…

Then continued along the river still meeting one or two courageous runners, fighting against the cold (it seemed like!). Then reach the 10K mark of Göteborgsvarvet. Could not resist taking a pic of the sun on the roof of the houses on the other side of the water. Once again, the pic does not really translate the feeling there.


Timid sun rising above the houses

Now the body felt a bit tired, but soon seeing the sun rising will bring energy and with the perfect music in the ear, it felt just like being invincible and so powerful. The body no longer feel obeying to any command, it just RUNS. Seems like a perfect fusion mind and body working together and this is just SO great!


Aaaaand I am just melting here! Who wouldn’t?!?!?

So passing the second bridge I noted that I was at 14km, so why not completing the full GV then?!?! Up the Aveny (Hi to my former Kung-Fu instructor and Kung-Fu Sifu who was on his way to the airport), then down the Aveny, turn up on the final long run of the race route, up the little bridge (a few howls on the way 🙂 – you would probably be scared running beside me some times!) and running down back home: 21.11km in 1:41:01 (exactly my MP from Berlin this September :)) Stretching afterwards felt good, could have run longer really. A bit of food after a well-deserved HOT shower: Gainomax + cereals/dried blueberries/chocolate/oat-milk and water of course.

Now after that, chilling for the rest of the day. Lunch became rice with tomato sauce and meat balls. Will see whether having more rice in my food is as good as Staffan suggested 🙂 Awaiting now for going to a foot massage (!) which was strongly recommended to have by one of the guys I met at the massage area of the Dubai marathon. Will see how it goes…

NOTE: bum/thigh still needs the stretching recommended by Jörgen. But it does feel better. Of course not now when sitting on wooden chair for a while (!), but otherwise it really feels slightly better.

NOTE: my pulsband seems not to work properly: for this run I got an average puls of 128 (could be ok, but really, I am not THAT good!) and my Garmin watch was nice enough to calculate an energy spent of…133calories for the run… So either my body is using pure air for functioning and I reach an optimal-efficient-energy level (!) OR -which I am more likely to believe!- the calculation is completely wrong… previous run of this distance were using more likely 900-1100C…

Have a great day! Cheers!

4 responses

  1. Strong!!
    Morning sunset? 😉
    Where is my picture of the mp3-player?

    February 3, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    • Thanks for the check, Staffan! Now I have corrected the whole post!

      and you have mail!

      February 3, 2013 at 4:47 pm

  2. Älskade Göteborg, så vacker! Riktigt kul att du kan springa så långt och så fort redan nu 🙂

    February 4, 2013 at 7:33 am

    • Jodu! Kanske ser det bra ut men kanske är det lite dumt att springa så snabbt och långt så kort efter en mara… Vi får väl se hur det går i framtiden!

      i vilket fall som helst, känns kroppen fint. Inte helt återhämtad, men jag kör försiktigt!

      February 4, 2013 at 8:27 pm

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