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On its way…

6:30am – feeling that snoozing the alarm is the best option… Until the doorbell rang 7minutes later (stuff for GE). Tried to sleep again but nope! So up for breakfast (not mine as my stomach ain’t feeling much better this morning). Shower, last hugs&kisses before school and ready for work.

Received early “phone support”, and it does help indeed, mostly for the head. So thanks for the chat (you know who you are 🙂 ).

Focus on work is set as soon as taking a telco and dive into a project. Good, keep my mind busy…
Lunch time is spent running (not literally!) to town: get AED money, an mp3 on my own and small food supplies (dried berries) which I hope my stomach will keep.
The good thing is that my thigh seems fine so far. No pain, no gain, right?

11:40am – succeed in getting a banana down, but the whole body is shaking almost. Keeping up on drinking (not too much, as well noted from my Berlin runner friend :)).

12:40pm – all set and starting to walk around like a lion in a cage so vacuum cleaning home gives a short break to the mind…

1:23pm – missing the tram by the second, noted I also forgot my water bottle and something else I cannot recall… 30 minutes later, finally on the bus to the airport. Still no more than a banana and a glass of water (with sugar and salt 😦 ). Have my food bag prepared with me (bananas, pears, bulgur salad, berries, cashew nuts, kitkat). Not all for the trip though!!!! Now the head is clearing out and thinking of the race. 19C planned for Friday… Yes! Just what I need!


4:45pm – connection at the airport sucks! Could hardly complete my meeting and does no longer want yo connect… Got down a handful cashew nuts. Have added sugar to my water bottle but it tastes really bad 😦 no worries, soon on the plane where I plan to sleeeeeeep!

Feeling “good” (& bored!), a bit cold at the airport, thigh is making itself remembered…if only my stomach was feeling like eating… Keeping myself well-hydrated will be the goal of today!

Time to get onboard. More later then!

Dubai: not many days left to go!!!!

Third time’s a charm?

Three posts in a single day… To the limit really. But wished to do a recap of the day.

Massage: Woooooow! Went to get some help for this spooky thigh and got soooo much pain back! I can stand quite a lot when he is pressing on pain points, but today this was extreme. Spent probably half an hour on the back of my left thigh only! The rest was real piece of cake… Still cold outside so went fast back home and got my “wheat warmer” on my chair and sat with my thigh on it. Believe it or not, it feels much better now! Almost no pain nor spooky feeling… Could be that my brain is so tired that does not register the pain any more….

Focus: carb depletion. After regular breakfast, take a workout to empty the glycogen storage. Eat proteinafat but no cab during the day, drink, take it easy (as carb depletion may make one more sensitive and therefore easier getting sick…), then day after take an easy jogg to finish the emptying of storage. From lunch start of the carbo-loading phase (yippie).
Those who knows me will understand what a misery I am putting myself through! Done that before all my marathons, unsure whether it works or not but this time might be three last one… Feeling so tired, despite eating regularly no carb food.

Breakfast: egg +3 slices bacon
Snack @10 am: 60g tuna fish in water, without the water(love that!)
Lunch: entrecote + spinach and garlic (yummie) + 1/2 slice brown bread
Snack @3pm: rest of the tuna fish
Dinner@6:30pm: gravlax (salmon) with spinach (yes, again… Not really original, but at this time of this day, the brain ain’t working right it seems!

Stomach felt a bit full after dinner but went for a walk with E to get a few food supply for tomorrow and then it started to feel bad… Back home started to pack and by the time the small ones went to bed, I had (sorry to say) to rush to the bathroom to empty my stomach… No fun really! Head turning, legs shaking… Nothing working well. Then it passed so I sloped preparing my food box for the trip tomorrow, drop the packing and after third toothbrushing, went to bed.

Now I really hope that this is a reaction to a bad salmon or so. And better now than in the plane as wisely said by my friend. Head feeling fine, but tired.

End of day one of carb depletion. Half day tomorrow and then back to normal again. Still a few things to pack and work to go to. From lunch, my mind will no longer answer 🙂  (apart from my meeting at 3pm, which will get all my focus of course!)

Dubai, I am soon coming! But before I will sleep…

And so it was done…

Late December, NYRR have finally sent out a mail about “2012 NYC marathon Resolution”. This followed the inexplicably late cancellation of the race after having said it would go on… You can read about this by choosing the tag “New York” or “New York marathon”… Staying a week there was not really as planned.

Anyway, had been wondering back and forth about what to do. NY marathon is on my list of marathons to be done (Letter “N” 🙂 ) but also to have the 5 Majors completed… It does not stand out more than that on the marathons I wish to run. Therefore the following choices were not that clearly straightforward for me: Refund / Run in 2013/14 or 15 / Run NY half marathon 2013. See below the alternatives proposed:

Resolution choices

Resolution choices

The qualification times for 2013 had been pretty hard: for my age range changing from 3:23 (marathon) for 2012 to 3:00 (for 2013). This has been adjusted to 3:10 (qualification time for 2013 onwards), but still. The way I made my choice was as follow: guarantee entry in 2013 – not too sure as I have Berlin three weeks before and want to focus on this race really. 2014 or 2015… ain’t that pretty far away in the future to book already? and NYC Half 2013 – No thanks. Not flying to NY to run half the distance I wanted (and moreover it is not fitting in my race calendar for 2013!).



So Refund it became. Will be working hard to see whether can do -anyway- the qualification time for 2014. And if not, well won’t make such a deal about it. There’s lots of marathons out there and even though they all may not have the same “aura” as the NYC marathon, I will still be enjoying the run!

So can now focus fully (!) on Dubai and the rest of the year 🙂

Final check run

Not too late in bed does not necessarily mean getting a good night’s sleep… Like last night for example. After the afternoon run, I was quite tired and could have slept directly. But to be sure to be able to sleep during the night, I kept myself awaken. Now got to bed at 10pm and probably did not fall asleep before 1am (I know that because I have checked the clock a few times!).

Anyhow, up @5:25am, light breakfast (cereals, soy milk, chocolate) and off I went. Cold outside (-4/5ºC, but real feel probably much lower!). Had a 10K with 5K@MP (4:44/km) planned. Cut the run into a 3km easy warmup, felt fine – then 5km @ avg pace 4:41 or so and then easy cool down of 2km. The 5km did not really feel as expected or wished. Probably several reasons for that: early hour, lack of good sleep just before, kind of cold (!) and left thigh still spooking around. Did get into the range I planned (4:44-4:40) but not satisfied really of the feeling of the run. My Garmin is kind enough to specify a training effect of “5” (yippie?) and the little positive thing of the run was that I used gel on my HR band and it seemed to record (finally!) my pulse correctly. Will see if this continue!

Back home, stretching (light!), then little breakfast #2 (1 egg +  3 slices bacon + water), warm shower and ready to get the small ones to school. Now time for work and try to keep myself into a good state of mind for the rest of the day (+ week!).

AND btw… Thanks P for giving me bad conscious… for the past three days have not been using my elevator and have been using the stairs up&down each time I went out… Will see how long I keep this treatment!

Dubai: 3days 23 hours 08 min.xx sec… to go

4 days to go!!!

Long night sleep after nice and cosy evening at home. E prepared American pancakes for breakfast, took several (nutella, ham, blueberry, quince) with oat milk and chocolate. Relaxing morning continued with book reading, once again reading the chapters in Advanced Marathoning 2nd edition (Pete Pfitzinger / Scott Douglas) about the tapering week and the race day strategy (have been reading those chapters before all my marathons last year (and still cannot remember exactly what is written there and learn/notice new things all the time in those SAME chapters!).

After G left to play at his friend, continue to take it easy with ET at home and then we left to town. Last minute shopping: sun cream (different strengths), oil, magnesium, and alcohol for hand cleaning. Watched as well in-door paul-vault and then lunch. For me it became a “Bimbimbab”: fried sliced beef & vegetables in bowl with rice, topped with a fried egg, with korean pickles and spicy gochujang sauce. A bit too much maybe considering that we aimed home afterwards and after a short rest, decided to go for my easy pace short-long run.


Korean lunch

Nice to run with ET on bike. Easy pace definitely, -4/5ºC, not easy to run and definitely not easy to bike either! But I was really proud of them following all the way. From mid-run it started to get quite cold and E could not feel his finger any longer. So had to cheer them up during most of the way back home (and it ain’t easy when trying to keep an easy pace!). Last km was fast (4:29/km) in order to get E&T to complete the 12km route. Body felt fine, heavy legs (unsure if it would have been this way without heavy lunch shortly before the run…), left thigh still spooking around. OK I guess for an easy run less than a week before the marathon… Finished with a probe hover 3*1min (30sec in-between) as daily exercise. Will keep this core part until the marathon although will probably have my last core session (light) tomorrow evening depending on how the morning run goes.


Bike squad


Moon already up!


Turning point

Took a banana, large glass of milk (real one from a cow 🙂 ) with chocolate and a petit suisse peach right after the run. Then warm shower to relax. Soooo tired after that: Let GET eat and took a tea only. Tomorrow will have a short carb-depletion day and from Tuesday carbo-loading from lunch onwards (and direction Dubai later same day).

Dubai, 4 days to go…

Time for swim!

(And I guess this will be the last one in the post serie “Time for…!”).

After a good night sleep (worked late – despite Friday night…), chilling in front of the tv, hover 3*1min as forgot it yesterday evening… light core exercises (even fell when trying to stretch on my Pilates ball… I put more air in it yesterday and now it is to high for me to relax on the back… Fell on the left thigh and was not fun)… and time to get ready for the swimming pool. Have to get a new bathing suit. This one start to get old (but still looking good in it 😉 )

500m cr
500m cr w/paddles & pullbuoy
300m cr w/ flippers

Good feeling, easy pace, sun shining outside (but temperature down to probably -12ºC and if not, must have been this as “RealFeel” temperature). Legs felt fine and that is good. Cut the last 500m to 300m in order to relax in the sauna a short while. Friend meeting and then soccer game to coach. And then it was the end of the afternoon already! Quick food shopping, tacos evening and now ready for movie evening with the small ones.

Dubai is less than a week from now and so far so good! Feeling fine (both mind and body). Wish it remains that way for a while (i.e exactly until Friday afternoon next week!)

Time for run!



Easy core workout (!), great work session before lunch (!), so time for run (!). Gear on and… discovered that it has been snowing… again! But no change in the plans (-4ºC is now used to see me going out, right?), this is my last opportunity to get a tempo run before Dubai. Want to see how fit I am today! Feels like this tapering period has been not really as it should so must re-insure myself that all is fine and readiness has nothing to do with the last two weeks before a marathon. Nothing can be changed (apart from worse!).

Anyhow, warmup easy-peasy-pace for 2.5km followed by light stretch (Won’t challenge my muscles to stretch more than necessary now!). Then started the first interval of 10km, planned in 46min and completed in 45min 43sec. Great feeling throughout, snow on the road made it tricky to get correct pace sometime as there was no real grip! But went fine. Good breathing, which actually surprise me as it was itchy this morning.  Stopped for 5min to rest and looked around. No one around… calm as it could be in an early morning, apart from the fact that it was lunch time and light/bright.


Empty road? Nope, there is another runner there on the left…


Little me smiling behind my thief cover!

So time to start the second interval of 5K planned @22min 30sec and completed in 22min 21sec… Great time, although was tougher for 1,5km before the last km. The left thigh is still making itself remembered and this is BOTHERING really! Finished with an easy 1.5km cool down and back home, Gainomax+3 cherry tomatoes and hot shower. Back to work after that!

Great workout in itself. Showing still fit and that the legs want to get along with this marathon as soon as possible! Started to look for which gear I will be running in. ASICS Vesta shorts are definitely on the list. Underwear won’t be an issue: black top & bottom 🙂 The socks are a bit trickier. One pair feels slightly to thick (but I have run several long run in them) and the other chosen ones feels a bit to thin (still good for my long runs…). For the singlet, either keep on running UNICEF or choose the NY mara singlet (although have not run much in it…). For the shoes, no surprise: will be my ASICS Gel Skyspeed 2. Backup will be my ASICS Gel GT-2160 Pink. Sunglasses will join the gear bag as well. Unsure for the cap… Will have it with me and decide at the last minute.

So it was for today. In a week from now, I will have completed my first mara of the Year (yes I know, I have written this already, but still valid!)

Virtual hugs to you who read this until the end!

Time for hugs…

Yesterday was a great day – great sessions of work, good feeling throughout the day, great talk with my taxi driver (love talking with taxi drivers on the way to the airport! Always good exchange about everything – this time about life, children and lots more), great meeting work friend on the plane as well as his boss, great sleep on the plane (!), great mood arriving home (even emptied my suitcase right away instead of waiting 2 days as usual!!!)… WARM feeling day it was yesterday.

Today, Friday, started a bit differently. Laundry @7am, not too great after long day the day before (even though great day). Felt a bit itchy in the throat, and yes the room used yesterday afternoon was either sauna-hot or cold-air-blowing… In with vitamins and will rush out to buy some fruits during my break. Anyway, had a core session of good quality, body feels good (daily massages of the thigh seem to help a bit) and at lunch hopefully the weather will let me complete my last tempo run before Dubai. More about that later today…

3* [Jörgens transverse muscle 15
single leg lowering,
+ both legs lowering
+ straight legs]
2* [single leg push press *10 each side
+ “walk on the mat” *10 each side
+ regular hover w/ bottom lift *10 each side
+ side hover w/ arm+leg raise *10 each side
+ Triceps press sitting *15 rep
+ back extension*15
+ “table abs – 2 legs” 15
+ bench dips on low table *15]
2*[“walk with ball” *20
+ Swiss ball superman *12
+ Ball pikes *12]
2* [S’s program incl “full V” *10*10sec” – excl. hover
+ Ball bridge 12]
2*30sec Swiss ball lower back stretch

And yes, today I feel like hugging 🙂 or rightly said “being hugged” – always good with getting some warmth to get along with the day. And everyone needs hug from time to time, correct? 🙂

Time for a hug?

Time for a hug?

Time to work now!

Dubai: 7 days to go! Next week, this time (Dubai is 3hours ahead…), I will have – hopefully – completed successfully my first marathon of the Year 2013!

A day without training is…


Start of the day with snoozing the phone until 7:00am. Then quick shower and rushing to have breakfast… Hotel breakfasts are great as they have all you may wish to have at home without wanting to prepare 😉

No training this morning, long and productive day at work. Now on the way back home… Would I have had my gear with me now, I would have run in the gates hall!!!

Rest it is today then. As it was smartly said to me. Better rest than doing something stupid that could harm the body/mind. Cannot do more now. In one week will see hopefully the results of the latest training period.

Dubai… Soon I’ll come!

A different day

So the day started perfectly after a great night of sleep. Had a nice evening out with girlfriends, talking about everything possible on earth (ok, lots on our little self, but great indeed!). Indulge myself with a drink (we were celebrated!) AND a dessert (sometimes, you should not take “no” for an answer 😉 ). Evening later on spent on tidying a bit home before business trip of today. So despite feeling a bit down before the cleaning of the home, the night was peaceful and rested I woke up this morning.

Good start for a dinner!

Good start for a dinner!

Temptation until the end!

Temptation until the end!

After work, had packed my bag for business travel in the end of afternoon and just had to buy this smoothie at the airport…Seriously?

Do you?

Do you?

Did not see nor feel the plane taking off. Was already in the arms of Morpheus… Woke up in the air and time for some food. Generally never take sandwich on the plane as 1) they most likely have butter on them and 2) they generally do not look appealing. But this time I did receive a special meal “Non lactose”, which actually was looking good and was good. Hopefully my stomach will confirm! On the top of that, had a glass of water with lemon and a warm tea with lemon as well 🙂

Yummie dinner?

Yummie dinner?

Really lactose-free?

Chocolate, Yummie!

Chocolate, Yummie!

Finally arrived at the hotel, took a couple of minutes to change to my gear (More Miles short – Yippie!, NY singlet and running shoes): IMagine my disappointment when finding out that there was no running machine… So workout on the cross-trainer did the trick (more or less!). 10 minutes warm up (with 3 min fast in the middle) then 20 minutes mixed (3min semi-fast, 2min backward, 6min fast, 2min backwards, 5min fast, 2min cool down). Felt fine. No real sweat nor tiredness. But good feeling. Following this by shower (hot hot hot, especially on the thigh… Unsure if good for it, but nice it was!). Massage of the left thigh with the thai liniment (haaaa burning when applying it and soooooo sold afterwards!). Good night talk on the phone and then update of this post.

Now time for sleeping really to ensure a good shape for tomorrow (planning a light training in the morning before work… Will see how it goes!)

Dubai: 8 days to go…..