Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

No rest for the warriors…

Not yet setting myself in the warriors Parthenon! Although I wish I could… Back to normal ain’t easy. In my mind time has stopped last Tuesday when leaving and back now should be as I left, right? Unfortunately Chronos, God of the time, does not obey to my command! So lots of catching up and getting along for past two days.

Jetlag or what it is made me really tired this afternoon, headache-like. Ate with GT but by the time back home and picked up E, it was not feeling good… Similar symptoms as last Monday evening before the race… And me that wanted to take an easy run tomorrow! Will sleep early and aim for fruits and light meals tomorrow. Hopefully will help.
Probably having a croissant and a vanilla bun was not the best afternoon move today… Did help though for the low blood sugar thing! Still cold outside so not optimal without energy in the body.

No visit to the naturopath this morning as my booking was fine a bit to late (our early depends how you see it!). Hopefully can have my thigh checked on Friday before a long day of workshop at work… Let’s hope it IS a bone or such which is misplaced and that he can put it back correctly…

Ok, time for bed now! More of interest tomorrow – hopefully!

One response

  1. marie-thé

    perhaps: headhache because of the stress of coming back from the planet “marathon “…your dream is over …

    January 30, 2013 at 9:38 pm

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