Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Recovery day 3…

Ok, tried to rest but by 2:30am I had been listening to music, walking around singing in my head, otherwise could not sleep correctly. A bit mad at seeing the first flight to Istanbul leaving at 3:35am and not being in it! No reading as it should be sleepy-time…

Woke up at 3-ish, uncomfortable and bad rested. Noticing no one is left almost, I take the 3 seats on the outside of a row and lay down as I should have done from the start. Freezing cold here, air conditioner blowing cold exactly on the waiting seats… Smart!

By 5:40am, check-in is done and aiming to the gate. Stop at Costa Coffee for a warm chocolate and a turkey/omelette hot roll. As good to get some energy now as unsure what food will be served in the plane. 2hrs left to the take-off. Really want to leave now. Despite the terrible cold at home, can’t wait to be there. Hopefully can rest in either flight so to be fresh and rested tomorrow at work!

About Costa Coffee: discovered them in Budapest while travelling there for work. Their ice tea is great. Highly recommended!

The body and mind continue to amaze me. The former one goes on with its recovery. Have walked at steady pace under the sun for over 7km yesterday and today it does not feel that a marathon was run recently not a long walk done… Still taking it easy not to trouble the necessary rest after the race. The latter one, i.e. the mind, is a strong thing… Not yet fully understanding/registering what was completed on Friday, it does start to think about what tactic to use for Boston in April, knowing that the Semi de Paris stands a month from now… It takes some strengths for not letting go yo such thoughts and jumping hastily in my running shoes (btw my ASICS GT-2160 “Pink” have now officially a hole in both of them. So must buy new ones shortly!)

Flight no 1 going fine. Ate partially the served breakfast, watched the end of “Thor” and “X-Men first class” (love the Thunder God in the first movie and the music and actors for Magneto & Charles in the second). Then set a playlist of music and slept, lucky me having three seats to lay down! So fine fine for this flight.

Break at Istanbul, ice-cream break as well and reading. Second flight looked trouble-free and it was. Slept for a good while.

Home at last: dirty snow on the side of the road, wet for the rest and a temperature of +3. Ok, back to reality!

2 responses

  1. Sara

    Välkommen tillbaka! Vilken prestation i Dubai, verkligen imponerande! Nu är sub 180 inte sååå långt borta 🙂

    January 29, 2013 at 9:32 am

  2. marie-thé

    mieux vaut un trou à tes chaussures que des ampoules aux pieds !va t’en vite en acheter de nouvelles pour Paris

    January 29, 2013 at 10:46 am

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