Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Dubai M-Day -1

Start of a new day? Well, still the afternoon here. Have picked up my BIB (#1169). A bit disappointed by the pick-up place. Pretty emtpy at this time (but this cannot be compared with London or Berlin, right? Moreover, who really is coming to pick up his/her BIB at 12:30pm of the first day of pick up… apart from me!). Missed the conference with the Elite by an hour, so no autograph this year. Next opportunity is to run faster than them on Friday and wait for them at the Finish Line (he he he!).

Dubai Marathon Route

Dubai Marathon Route


Feeling fine so ate 2 pears and continue drinking water. Decided to walk to the Dubai Mall to see how long it will be for Friday. Took longer than expected through ways I would not recommend! But here it is: the start entrance for the Marathon. On Friday it will be still dark and will not take picture then. So as good to have a “proof” I was there !

Start Entrance for Marathoners

Start Entrance for Marathoners

What would be Dubai without Burj Khalifa?

What would be Dubai without Burj Khalifa?

Decided to eat at the same restaurant as last year. Pasta with tuna fish, black olives, spinach and tomato sauce. Under hot hot sun and in front of the singing fountain. Went fine to eat until almost all was down. Unfortunately decided to get the whole plate in and it was not the best move, really. Stomach felt heavy, but still fine. Took not long before I walked and got some groceries for the evening and had to rush and empty my stomach again (sorry for the details!). SO much water out I had to compensate after that with drinking sport drink to ensure I would not completely be deshydrated tomorrow…

Pasta lunch

Pasta lunch

Unsure of what this means, I rushed again to buy alternative food as I AM GOING TO RUN THE MARATHON ON FRIDAY, NO MATTER WHAT!. Might not be the day to set a personal record (!) but will definitely complete it. So more shopping and I ended with sport drink, chips, banana and Haribo gold-bears (which apparently some runners are carbo-loading with…). I do have with me porridge and cereals from home, so can be as well an option for today. But DEFINITELY NOT pasta with sauce or anything else with sauce. Will go probably for rice or similar

Food supply for carbo-loading alternative...

Food supply for carbo-loading alternative…

Ended the day with an hour reading under the last rays of the sun (well, before it disappear behind the buildings close to my hotel). Find a perfect spot in front of the hotel to enjoy them. Rest of the day was quite dull. Double-checking my gear for the race, preparing my gear for tomorrow light run and a bit of writing. Until I almost fell asleep in front of my laptop.

Night night, it is soon 6:30pm and my eyes won’t keep themselves opened… More tomorrow!

Dubai, soon less than a day to go!

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