Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

On its way… (Cont.’)

6:00pm + – finally boarding but not leaving yet. Sitting close to a sad old man telling me he is sick and on his way back to his home country where his son is no longer and he wants back to Sweden. Heartbreaking really, on one hand I focus on the word “sick” and wish to change place right away. On the other hand, feel compassion for him. Little chat & he seemed feeling better. Back to my book, then comes… the food tray. I choose the chicken and succeed to get it down, despite my stomach complaining. Thereafter ate a pear and the stomach definitely do NOT like this treatment. But surprisingly I am able to keep the food and read for a while. Then woke up when we are 40 minutes from Istanbul. Take a handful tram berries, ok, but still not perfect. Awful! Drinking that much might keep me hydrated but need to have to visit… the dreadful loo of the plane. Anyhow, apparently a few people are sick on thus plane. So really hope my body immunity is not down right now!



10:20pm – finally off the plane. Directly looking for my new gate to Dubai. New water bottle as not trusting other water sources. Passport check and waiting for next flight (leaving at 00:40am, i.e. tomorrow !) Am looking quite like a ghost at the moment, very pale face and tired eyes (despite the sleep in the plane…). Try getting a KitKat in my belly and read interestingly that ONE KitKat is providing 12% of GDA (@2000 kcal/day)… Astonishing really. Probably will stick to my bananas next time!


The positive in all that can be resume into this number: 20… This is the temperature in Dubai at 1:26am…


Nothing to be done but waiting, so resting a bit for today!

1:30am or so – “breakfast” – nothing appealing on the top of all alternatives having cheese in it. Got to eat my bulgur salad with tomatoes & cucumber. Went down but a but upset still. Not that much water drink, almost less than normal… Not good! Watched Eragon on tv and took a nap.




7:40am – Dubai time 1 banana / hazelnuts. Slept at least 2.5hrs listening to music. Nice and rested. Thirsty though.

No queue at the passport control (compared to the over-an-hour from last year!). But wait for my bag, although having turned above Dubai for over an hour before landing at 8:15am I do not feel on a rush…

Found the metro station, put money on last year card and… missed the metro by a few seconds… Got reminded not to eat in the cars under penalty of 100 AED. So I won’t eat there!


Feeling strange as it is really foggy, all grey but warm

-heavy in the air. Won’t complain… for today! Hope the skies clear up for Friday.

Little walk to the hotel, tea break + nyponsoppa to drink while my room is prepared. Now will chill a bit and aim to the JW Marriott Marquis to pick up my BIB. Now it feels real!20130123-174137.jpg

More later on…

4 responses

  1. Sara

    Håller tummarna för dig!!!

    January 23, 2013 at 9:31 pm

  2. Ditt immunförsvar är upptaget med att bli av med magsjuka, du blir INTE förkyld nu 🙂 Jag håller också alla tummarna, lycka till!

    January 24, 2013 at 7:38 am

    • Ha ha! Väl tänkt Shaman! Tack för tummarna! Speciellt så tidigt på er tid 😉

      January 24, 2013 at 1:52 pm

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