Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Third time’s a charm?

Three posts in a single day… To the limit really. But wished to do a recap of the day.

Massage: Woooooow! Went to get some help for this spooky thigh and got soooo much pain back! I can stand quite a lot when he is pressing on pain points, but today this was extreme. Spent probably half an hour on the back of my left thigh only! The rest was real piece of cake… Still cold outside so went fast back home and got my “wheat warmer” on my chair and sat with my thigh on it. Believe it or not, it feels much better now! Almost no pain nor spooky feeling… Could be that my brain is so tired that does not register the pain any more….

Focus: carb depletion. After regular breakfast, take a workout to empty the glycogen storage. Eat proteinafat but no cab during the day, drink, take it easy (as carb depletion may make one more sensitive and therefore easier getting sick…), then day after take an easy jogg to finish the emptying of storage. From lunch start of the carbo-loading phase (yippie).
Those who knows me will understand what a misery I am putting myself through! Done that before all my marathons, unsure whether it works or not but this time might be three last one… Feeling so tired, despite eating regularly no carb food.

Breakfast: egg +3 slices bacon
Snack @10 am: 60g tuna fish in water, without the water(love that!)
Lunch: entrecote + spinach and garlic (yummie) + 1/2 slice brown bread
Snack @3pm: rest of the tuna fish
Dinner@6:30pm: gravlax (salmon) with spinach (yes, again… Not really original, but at this time of this day, the brain ain’t working right it seems!

Stomach felt a bit full after dinner but went for a walk with E to get a few food supply for tomorrow and then it started to feel bad… Back home started to pack and by the time the small ones went to bed, I had (sorry to say) to rush to the bathroom to empty my stomach… No fun really! Head turning, legs shaking… Nothing working well. Then it passed so I sloped preparing my food box for the trip tomorrow, drop the packing and after third toothbrushing, went to bed.

Now I really hope that this is a reaction to a bad salmon or so. And better now than in the plane as wisely said by my friend. Head feeling fine, but tired.

End of day one of carb depletion. Half day tomorrow and then back to normal again. Still a few things to pack and work to go to. From lunch, my mind will no longer answer 🙂  (apart from my meeting at 3pm, which will get all my focus of course!)

Dubai, I am soon coming! But before I will sleep…

2 responses

  1. Sounds scary! I too hope that it was a reaction to something you ate and not a stomach bug.

    January 22, 2013 at 7:25 am

  2. We’ll see. This morning ain’t much better than yesterday, but I guess the stomach is not empty. Just drank some orange juice and it felt the stomach wanted to be upside/down…

    January 22, 2013 at 7:57 am

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