Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

4 days to go!!!

Long night sleep after nice and cosy evening at home. E prepared American pancakes for breakfast, took several (nutella, ham, blueberry, quince) with oat milk and chocolate. Relaxing morning continued with book reading, once again reading the chapters in Advanced Marathoning 2nd edition (Pete Pfitzinger / Scott Douglas) about the tapering week and the race day strategy (have been reading those chapters before all my marathons last year (and still cannot remember exactly what is written there and learn/notice new things all the time in those SAME chapters!).

After G left to play at his friend, continue to take it easy with ET at home and then we left to town. Last minute shopping: sun cream (different strengths), oil, magnesium, and alcohol for hand cleaning. Watched as well in-door paul-vault and then lunch. For me it became a “Bimbimbab”: fried sliced beef & vegetables in bowl with rice, topped with a fried egg, with korean pickles and spicy gochujang sauce. A bit too much maybe considering that we aimed home afterwards and after a short rest, decided to go for my easy pace short-long run.


Korean lunch

Nice to run with ET on bike. Easy pace definitely, -4/5ºC, not easy to run and definitely not easy to bike either! But I was really proud of them following all the way. From mid-run it started to get quite cold and E could not feel his finger any longer. So had to cheer them up during most of the way back home (and it ain’t easy when trying to keep an easy pace!). Last km was fast (4:29/km) in order to get E&T to complete the 12km route. Body felt fine, heavy legs (unsure if it would have been this way without heavy lunch shortly before the run…), left thigh still spooking around. OK I guess for an easy run less than a week before the marathon… Finished with a probe hover 3*1min (30sec in-between) as daily exercise. Will keep this core part until the marathon although will probably have my last core session (light) tomorrow evening depending on how the morning run goes.


Bike squad


Moon already up!


Turning point

Took a banana, large glass of milk (real one from a cow 🙂 ) with chocolate and a petit suisse peach right after the run. Then warm shower to relax. Soooo tired after that: Let GET eat and took a tea only. Tomorrow will have a short carb-depletion day and from Tuesday carbo-loading from lunch onwards (and direction Dubai later same day).

Dubai, 4 days to go…

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