Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Time for run!



Easy core workout (!), great work session before lunch (!), so time for run (!). Gear on and… discovered that it has been snowing… again! But no change in the plans (-4ºC is now used to see me going out, right?), this is my last opportunity to get a tempo run before Dubai. Want to see how fit I am today! Feels like this tapering period has been not really as it should so must re-insure myself that all is fine and readiness has nothing to do with the last two weeks before a marathon. Nothing can be changed (apart from worse!).

Anyhow, warmup easy-peasy-pace for 2.5km followed by light stretch (Won’t challenge my muscles to stretch more than necessary now!). Then started the first interval of 10km, planned in 46min and completed in 45min 43sec. Great feeling throughout, snow on the road made it tricky to get correct pace sometime as there was no real grip! But went fine. Good breathing, which actually surprise me as it was itchy this morning.  Stopped for 5min to rest and looked around. No one around… calm as it could be in an early morning, apart from the fact that it was lunch time and light/bright.


Empty road? Nope, there is another runner there on the left…


Little me smiling behind my thief cover!

So time to start the second interval of 5K planned @22min 30sec and completed in 22min 21sec… Great time, although was tougher for 1,5km before the last km. The left thigh is still making itself remembered and this is BOTHERING really! Finished with an easy 1.5km cool down and back home, Gainomax+3 cherry tomatoes and hot shower. Back to work after that!

Great workout in itself. Showing still fit and that the legs want to get along with this marathon as soon as possible! Started to look for which gear I will be running in. ASICS Vesta shorts are definitely on the list. Underwear won’t be an issue: black top & bottom 🙂 The socks are a bit trickier. One pair feels slightly to thick (but I have run several long run in them) and the other chosen ones feels a bit to thin (still good for my long runs…). For the singlet, either keep on running UNICEF or choose the NY mara singlet (although have not run much in it…). For the shoes, no surprise: will be my ASICS Gel Skyspeed 2. Backup will be my ASICS Gel GT-2160 Pink. Sunglasses will join the gear bag as well. Unsure for the cap… Will have it with me and decide at the last minute.

So it was for today. In a week from now, I will have completed my first mara of the Year (yes I know, I have written this already, but still valid!)

Virtual hugs to you who read this until the end!

2 responses

  1. Hmmm, new english word: mara 🙂

    January 18, 2013 at 8:17 pm

  2. Ha ha! So much for trying to get everybody happy!!!
    mara should be in the English dictionary by now!

    January 18, 2013 at 9:51 pm

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