Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Time for hugs…

Yesterday was a great day – great sessions of work, good feeling throughout the day, great talk with my taxi driver (love talking with taxi drivers on the way to the airport! Always good exchange about everything – this time about life, children and lots more), great meeting work friend on the plane as well as his boss, great sleep on the plane (!), great mood arriving home (even emptied my suitcase right away instead of waiting 2 days as usual!!!)… WARM feeling day it was yesterday.

Today, Friday, started a bit differently. Laundry @7am, not too great after long day the day before (even though great day). Felt a bit itchy in the throat, and yes the room used yesterday afternoon was either sauna-hot or cold-air-blowing… In with vitamins and will rush out to buy some fruits during my break. Anyway, had a core session of good quality, body feels good (daily massages of the thigh seem to help a bit) and at lunch hopefully the weather will let me complete my last tempo run before Dubai. More about that later today…

3* [Jörgens transverse muscle 15
single leg lowering,
+ both legs lowering
+ straight legs]
2* [single leg push press *10 each side
+ “walk on the mat” *10 each side
+ regular hover w/ bottom lift *10 each side
+ side hover w/ arm+leg raise *10 each side
+ Triceps press sitting *15 rep
+ back extension*15
+ “table abs – 2 legs” 15
+ bench dips on low table *15]
2*[“walk with ball” *20
+ Swiss ball superman *12
+ Ball pikes *12]
2* [S’s program incl “full V” *10*10sec” – excl. hover
+ Ball bridge 12]
2*30sec Swiss ball lower back stretch

And yes, today I feel like hugging 🙂 or rightly said “being hugged” – always good with getting some warmth to get along with the day. And everyone needs hug from time to time, correct? 🙂

Time for a hug?

Time for a hug?

Time to work now!

Dubai: 7 days to go! Next week, this time (Dubai is 3hours ahead…), I will have – hopefully – completed successfully my first marathon of the Year 2013!

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  1. Virtual hug!

    January 18, 2013 at 5:44 pm

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