Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow…

Up late this morning and after light breakfast we went swimming. Easy workout this time:

1000m freestyle
400m w/ flippers
100m w/ flippers – butterfly legs

followed by a 15min sauna for relaxing the whole body & mind. Ate thereafter at Max (their Low carb burger + French fries and coke 🙂 ) and then last Xmas shopping before back home.

Today was a rest day and was not planned to have active recovery, but following the thai massage from yesterday afternoon, the thigh felt fine (little-little feeling still, but nothing alarming as before). Swimming was feeling like a bless really, despite the cool temperature at first. But as F said wisely: “swim a bit, you’ll warm yourself!”. Regarding the food afterwards, no real bother to have a burger, just did not feel like cooking (on the top of cooking lunch would have taken a while, so this was the best alternative).

Evening dinner with smoked salmon and boiled potatoes – Mmmm! so nice with butter on the top. And finally some last Christmassy stuff to be fixed before bed time. Will see if tomorrow is allowing for a bit of running as the skies decided today to bring us a thick white cover, nice to walk on, not too nice to run on!

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