Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Same old same old? I don’t think so!

And time arrived for a new long run… again! Weeks seem to pass so fast lately. Up @3:50am (yes this is Saturday and I know it!), breakfast of oat porridge with strawberry and apple puree + soy milk and back to bed 😉 Up again @5:40am and got ready for running.

Started with easy pace 12K. Back of upper thigh still feeling not too well, despite G’s massage yesterday. Nice to run in the calm of the city with… snowflakes falling down on me. Not again I might have said, but this morning was really beautiful. Unfortunately no easy to take this feeling on picture!

Gloomy start under the light of the city center

Gloomy start under the light of the city center


Then had a 8K part with alternate tempo (fast / slow) on 1K distance. Once again, the fast km were slightly slower than I wished and the “slow” km were slightly faster than planned. 2K easy pace and then 2K fast pace (faster than my 5K pace), then 1K easy and 1K at 1K pace. Ending with 3+km easy pace.

Dark skies over the countryside

Dark skies over the countryside

Summary of the run: should not have thrown my water bottle at km4 as I was quite thirsty @ km20 and further. But running with a bottle ain’t my thing. next long run of this kind will my camelbak follow me! The back of my upper-thigh started to get me a bit worried (recommendation from me to you: do not read on internet when you have such a pain! you may start worry for nothing/too much…). The overall distance went fine, but still have to work on having the fast km faster and the slow ones slower. Ending the lasting fast km in 3:58 made me happy anyway 🙂

Straight line for running fast!

Straight line for running fast!

Took it easy rest of the day (it is vacation time, right?), ending with a thai massage this evening. Sooo nice and the pressure done on the back of the thigh seem to have released the pain. Hopefully it will be the same tomorrow as well!

Note that yesterday – Friday – an extra rest day was taken as the intervals of Thursday had increased the pain in the thigh and during the whole day at work it was kind of painful to walk (but not showing it is the worse part!). So rest it was and tomorrow Sunday will also be a rest day. Maybe some swimming if any pool is opened, or full rest. Skipped as well the core & stability yesterday but will do an easy workout tomorrow instead.

Great evening to you!

2 responses

  1. What a great (kinda crazy, but still great) idea to get up early to eat and then go back to sleep! I’ll have to try that sometime when I need to get a run in early in the morning 🙂

    December 23, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    • Hey you! 🙂 this is what i do before my marathon, so kind of ok, I think… The timing however is to be perfect. For this particular run, I should have either eaten half hour earlier or leave half hour later. (so to avoid pit stop during the run!).
      Try this and come back and tell how it went!

      NOTE: I would do that only for long runs, because up to half-mara I can either run empty stomach or with a bowl of cereal just before the run…

      December 23, 2012 at 10:44 pm

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