Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…


And rest day it shall be…

After four consecutive days of training including tempo, intervals, long run and core/stability, it was high time for a real rest day, i.e. without active recovery (my specialty!). Therefore made an agreement with myself not to even run after the bus or the ferry.

The whole day went smoothly, although had a very tensed neck (right side), which would have definitely benefitted from a massage. But massage is planned after the weekend long run,  sooooooo had to kind of suffer a bit in silence instead. Not really stuck, but not comfortable.

Ended the day with a nice dinner with a friend, which made the rest day fully complete. And happy to have made it a whole day without any training activity!

Planned session this morning did not work to well as had the neck a bit stuck in the middle of the night so will see to make the best of the end of afternoon with short interval session before dinner out. In the meantime, one day at work 🙂


NOTE: ok, have to recognized that I ran up & down the stairs at work 4-5 times during my rest day… Cannot skip this really!

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