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New week, new challenges

Shiny day is always a good day, right? Well, when the sun goes down and the night appears, could be cosy as well, right? so why not a run in the dark with E on bike, right?

Apart from the nice-fun-cosy company, the run was not at all as planned. 10K cut short to 8K, pace was not as expected, steps were heavy and slow, only the last 2km ended with fast speed. From half-way, started to sing loud w/E while running. Believe it or not… it DID help! People might have thought we were crazy, but we had the best fun ever!

After the run, pasta+eggs+pizza slice+ little energy drink. Lots to think about today… Hopefully a good night’s sleep will work wonders, who knows…

And so was the”Bridges” week over

Today was time for a “short” long run. Started under a light rain, still dark skies, one light in each hand and chose to run on flat roads today… Should be easy here, but there is always a bridge somewhere, right?

Decided to run one hour or 12km, which one comes first and turn back home. Believe it or not, the 12 km felt exactly on the hour!  Actually I lost my way quite a bit, recognising the roads but not quite… Indeed when I finally turned back I realized that I always took this road on the other way around

Good feeling throughout the run. Stopped at 16 km as promised to run not to long… Good stretching afterwards. Then took the tram home and breakfast home 🙂

About the bridges? Well, ALL my runs this week were going through at least one bridge, i.e. great workout for the body! Will see what can be the theme next week…

I’M IN FOR 2013!!!!

As everything else was a warm up for NY marathon 2012, and there were no marathon there this year, it is well justified to continue the warm up for one more year, right?

So I finally got a place in Berlin marathon 2013, after missing the first inscription pool a few Weeks ago… Great, something to look forward to next autumn.

Today, very chilly, 4°C but real feel -10°C (if you ask me!). Bold enough to run 5K, fast pace and in shorts… Who said cold is good for blood circulation has NEVER run this way! Anyhow, glad of the run.

Rest for the day before long run tomorrow hopefully (doubting it will be in shorts though!)

How to end a great day…

Back home after great day at work, jumped into my shoes (seems like I always “JUMP” into my gear!) and off I went.

The planned easy pace turned into a 10 K in 44min38, which makes it the second fastest 10K of my life! (the fastest being in race this summer). Did not really get what was on, perfect music in the ears (thanks DJ Eclipse – October mix is great!) it felt like flying over the pavement. Short after starting… am I already at the feet of the bridge and now… on my way back?!?!? Did a new personal best on 5K as well on the way back, in 21min49… What else can you ask for?

Perfect run for a perfect day!

Good morning Curly Sue!

After one day resting (quite forced actually!), this morning was a bless to go up rested and jumping into my gears. A bit foggy when starting but nice in the air. Once again the city just waking up is so nice to experience. Had music on this time and I think it appears on the pace I followed… 18seconds faster per km on a 10K… and this included the bridge back and forth as well (this time started on the farthest side first). Why waste a good pair of legs, right?

Now just ready for a good day at work – hopefully no “close to fainting” experience today. Otherwise will have to check that my kind colleague is there either to give me a fruit as yesterday or catch me before I fall on the floor! 🙂
Any tips for food to take during the day for keeping up the level of sugar in the blood? A friend said it might be related to the “too little fat on the body” after training for marathon… can it be that?

Oh yes, what about the “Curly Sue” title for my post? Well, after having had straightened hair for a few days (sooooo much work really!) the nice humid weather from the run made them back to nice and curly again 🙂

Great day ahead – hope you have one too!

Not much done today

Up at 1am, happy as a bee, nothing to do really. Running cross the mind but hey! 1am!!! So tidying and ironing instead… Back to bed at 3:30am, so the plan to run at 5am did not really work out…

Day at work seemed very long despite being about favourite topic. Ate so much during the day could not think would have place for dinner. Kind colleague even gave me a banana, thanks! So I skip fainting! Had to drink sweetened water at lunch, a coke in the afternoon and tea with lots of sugar…

Nice evening with colleagues made the end of the day feel better, but finally in bed is good!

Training will wait until tomorrow

Sleep tight! And don’t let the beds bugs bite!

Early birds run in the dark

Sunday as rest day ain’t often this way. Still tired after coming back from NY, ready to sleep mid-afternoon!

So skipped the run planned and took it early this morning. 5:30am on the road, must be the earliest ever! So nice to see the city waking up slowly…
Good feeling, no pressure, body felt fine with a bit tired calves, but fit enough to run Götaälv bridge back and forth 🙂

Now ready for a nice day at work! Great week ahead…

Morning long run

Up at 6:30am, time to get some gruel and off I went. Ran across the city bridges, amazed of the light of the morning. Started slightly slow but kind of accelerated so the final 3km became at marathon pace (MP – 4:42/km). Great feeling throughout the run even during the uphills of the bridges. Weather perfect for the run and actually warmer than NY…

Always good to start the day with a run!

Finally home

After a long trip back home through snow storm started in NY, I made it finally home.

Unsure about what happened this last week, the marathon void generally popping up after the finish line, well was replace by a complete void due to no marathon run!

Have to let it go and plan for next week’s training instead and next challenges ahead. Lots of rest during the day before work in the whole afternoon. Will soon see how the jetlag is affecting me 🙂

A medal is a medal

You receive a medal when you’ve won a race or are in the three best, right? Marathon is an interesting distance for which broad range of runners of all kinds will endure or enjoy a 26.2miles and get a medal for it… As in this mini film on YouTube were it is said “that’s stupid, you don’t give medal to losers”… Ran 5 marathons, 4 half marathons and a few 10K in the past 1.5year and never have I felt like a looser. When I was swimming (younger age 🙂 ) medals were for the 3 best. I have a few and proud of them.

Here is the one from NYC marathon 2012. Mixed feeling about it as despite the Manhatthathon run, the REAL marathon was not run and therefore should not be a medal for it.

What do you think?