Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

What about resting today then?

And so it was Friday. Cold temperatures seem definitely here to stay… Too bad, two months to go before Dubai. Hopefully it will still be possible to train like last year until first week of January.
Perfect lunch (pasta carbonara) in nice company with the sun showing himself through the clouds: great to start loading carbs for tomorrow’s long run. Had to drop some pants to the tailor for fixing the waist: running has impacted definitely on it! In a good way 🙂
Finally, enjoyed a Japanese dinner (guyremaki + rice + banana/ice cream) in front of Vampire movie. Not forgetting the core exercises as well…
Tomorrow will be a great day to run. Let the cold be there, a 30K will surely warm up the body!!!

Oh, and btw have also decided today to register to Paris half mara 😉


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