Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Shorts or not shorts… That’s the question!

Yesterday was rest day. Used the late evening to workout core & stability and the latter one was not really as good as expected. Definitely some work to do!

Today offered a grey and drizzling weather, but what is that in comparison to NOT running! So lunch arrived pretty quick and time to get the gear on for an interval workout (2*5K @tempo pace). When popping up my head outside the building, it was really slightly raining so off I went and changed my gear – well, windjacket into rainjacket. I kept my ASICS Vesta on. Yes the short ones… Despite the 3-5ºC outside, it felt quite fine. A bit faster than expected but when the legs are getting started, why would you stop them?!?!?

Turned into a 23:17.8 & 22:49.0 for each 5K. Quite satisfied with this as it included slopes as well. Then lunch and back to work.

Evening to relax and possibly a day rest tomorrow as well (if not easy-peasy-early-run). Will see!

Oh yes, and for the question in the title: Of course it’s shorts!

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