Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Will I EVER come back home???

Since I got on the bus to JFK airport, lucky has not been my second name: asleep in the bus woke up after an hour to discover we were stuck on the way up to a hill, took 15/20 minutes to get us loss from the snow, storm indeed it was. Well at JFK took 2 hours before boarding started and 3 more hours (in the plane!) before de-icing and ready for take off. Nothing special on the plane apart from arriving late so missed my connection and now have to fill SIX hours in the airport before – eventually – leaving to final destination…

Ok, about food. Nothing really to do while waiting for boarding, neither on the plan nor at the airport so looks like have been eating all along! While generally eating well, this last week has been a disaster! Not even a ” cuisine-discovery-trip”… Lots of walking + a marathon distance on Sunday do not justify this! Still no guilt, enjoyed fully my panini bacon/egg + orangina before taking a Starbucks chocolate…

A pity my running shoes are in my luggage otherwise would have done some running in the airport… Tomorrow morning certainly!

Summary: soon home, and soon back to basics with less report on food and walk/shopping and more training.

Picture featuring NY under the snow storm… Can you believe I ran in ASICS Vesta, bare legs and sunglasses on Sunday????

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