Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Monday is always a new day

For sure! Up late today (6:30am!), prepared to get out for breakfast. Met the guy from a German tour operator who said medals from the marathon could be picked up at the NYRR office close to CP. Not really our plan for today so went to breakfast on Broadway.

Irish breakfast it was…potato cake, 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, toast + orange juice and tea… No need to say that with such brealist you can go long!

Lots of walk after that: visit at Paragon sports, Starbucks stop with talk with Lois, lady who left in the neighbourhood of Union Square and has been without electricity for a week… Talked about the elections, the situation in the States… Cool lady!

Then walk again, way down to lower Manhattan, Wall street, the surroundings of Freedom Tower, little shopping for GET and then…had to run from south Broadway up to “Corner Bistro” on 4th street and Jane street. Met Damien marathon runner from Ireland on the way and we ran a few blocks together as both were late! Great run before a great burger 🙂

Chilling out and walked back to the hotel via Times Square. Final stop at Starbucks and soon well-deserved sleep.

btw: w have our marathon medals waiting for us at the reception thanks to Erik “Tricky”, cannot wait to see it!

Good night NY!

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