Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Manhattan round or my own “Manhattathon”

What a day! Started 6am, good night’s sleep – up at 7am preparing myself for THE run, i.e. running around Manhattan to get to a marathon distance

Planned: NY marathon
Actual: Manhatthathon

After suggestion from Swedes over dinner on Saturday, decided to follow for a marathon distance long run.

Started to run from hotel up north to meet them and after 1,5km or so we turned back and ran south with the Swedish troop. Good tempo although a bit fast for a Mara distance training! After 10k stopped for group photo and then was discussed to run over Brooklyn bridge.

Proposal taken was to follow Erik “Tricky” for a round tour of Manhattan and finish in CP.

Great run with good tempo, had enough energy for talking and singing along the way 🙂

From time to time a bit sore in back of calves but ok to continue. Route was quite flat until we turned somewhere (!) and got uphill to run. Left Tricky & Patrik behind – slightly- for running up – slightly- faster and stopped at top of hill (Amsterdam av).

Stop for buying sport drink and went along downhill . Then running and running again. Turned back to the center to reach Central Park.
A bit before Gugenheim Museum, we left P who wished to slow down a bit. Ran along the park and nice it was to run on the road sometimes ( asphalt I love it).
Turned into CP and followed the Mara route downhill. Cool with loads of people running there. Dropped Erik after mile 25 for trying to increase pace at the end. Lost my way and ran back to mile 25, then saw the finish line on the other side so ran across a field. AND there it was! The Finish line was crazy full with people! Great finish!

After the run, 2 km jog to hotel, cold bath, rest and then dinner.

Weather: chilly in the morning (40F) but sunny- windy from time to time but sunny most of it (50F at the end)

Food: banana + Starbucks chocolate tall before the run / during the run: vitargo gel @ km 18 and 28 / energy drink Gatorade lime from km30+ until the end.

Gear: ASICS Vesta shirts / SF lg sleeves/ SOC windbreaker/ gloves/ sunglasses – super flying shoes!

Great great great run. Disappointment for not running the NY marathon has (almost) disappeared replaced by satisfaction! Longest training run EVER and great company.

Distance: 42.63km
Net time: 3:41:56
Brut time: to be updated when uploading the run!
So worth coming!

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