Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Stress, protein and candle lights

Late in bed – early up:  Feeling a bit stressed now before the big day (have to say it to recognize it)… Multiple reasons for that: a superstorm decided to make her way to Broadway this week, chilly or rainy weather for last weeks of training, not prepared for visiting New York after the race (I do HAVE the travel guide… just have not had the time to plan anything) but most of all this stupid achilles tendon which makes itself reminded constantly. Cannot impact much on the storm, nor on the weather, too late to read the whole guide. What can be done though is taking a look at the main parts in the travel guide and for this tendon… just to relax, do eccentric toe exercises and hope for the best.

Protein day today – not directly. As for previous marathons, carbo-loading has been taking place during the three days before the race, prior to which I am doing a “carb depletion day”. Simply said: normal breakfast, then protein rich food all day (no carb…almost) + morning after. During this day, planning to run easy (especially now!) so to get the body to use the carb reservs, easy run tomorrow as well and from lunch tomorrow – carbo-loading it is (one of the best part of the marathon 🙂 ) – So for today, expecting my personal little chef G to prepare the great cod he bought yesterday (the only drawback here is not to enjoy it with potatoes, rice or pasta like).

Candle lights as a start for the day… means going up a bit too early as it is still dark outside. Cozy still to light home this way 🙂


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