Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Still fighting…

Have been wondering all day whether would go for a light run or not. After last meeting of the day, closed the laptop, rest a bit and put on my gear. Really nice to hit the pavement again. Still fighting due to the left tendon quite sensitive, although it is painful only when I stop running… Would have been able to run longer this evening, but common sense insisted on closing up the run at 8K.

Stopped by Max to get a Low-Carb burger-no cheese-no sauce… Well sauce it was anyway. Good to get something in the stomach after 5km run. The last 3km felt lighter…even with fartlek during km7 🙂 Good feeling.

Protein day all along – booooooring really! I miss my carbs and cannot wait until tomorrow to get some! As usual feeling quite tired and throat is a bit aching after lunch walk in the wind…

Now time to really rest as tomorrow is packing day!


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