Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Lights of the city

After an easy day, nothing better than an evening run under the lights of the city. This time leaves everywhere made an orange map on the ground, shining under the lights (should have had a camera in my pocket) and slippery under the feet! The shine came from the rain that has been falling most of the day, the  wind as well not wanting to be left alone! A real autumn evening – cosy, chilly & rainy…

Easy pace following E, who was quite a fighter (crazy strong head wind during 1km, with rain falling down from everywhere). Stopped after km3 – stretching, toe exercises and turned back home. This time the tailwind  was mostly welcome! A short stop 400m before the end and dash run to the km6. Nice to run with company.

Achilles tendon still a bit sensitive, calves light cramp still coming back as soon as starting running… Don’t know really what to do. Apart from that, mind is clear and body feels fine.

Added hover exercises after the run as well as little core – never too much of the good thing 🙂


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