Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

One week to go…

OK, not too catchy for a first blog post, but so it is. I am now standing in front of the famous “final week before the marathon” as I have done already 5 times this year and cannot really come up with a more appropriate alternative!

So back to the post title: “one week to go” could have been the title of my blog, but it should not be limited to this final-and-so-important-week, as running a race does include a long series of weeks of preparation and therefore “just running around” became the title of my blog. Just as I did this morning 🙂

NY marathon badge One week to go before New York marathon: the week before each marathon (so far run), is a bit special: focus and concentration, diet, workout… even though not part of the elite runners scale (I wish!) I do enjoy this final part as it is showing clearly that the end is coming (well, the reach of the objective is sounding a bit better maybe!). Anyway, blogging might be bringing a bit of support to reach greater achievement and as a result improvement at the finish line.

A bit more later on today!

And by the way…thanks for following me!

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