Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Changing time and frozen bum…

This morning run being the last “short long run” before NY marathon was not to be missed… The time change during the night was blessed as it gave me one more hour sleep and the clock ringing at 6:30am found me well rested (yes, not just a beauty sleep!). 30minutes later, music in the ears, I hit the pavement.

-5C, sun starting to go up, frost everywhere, leaves on the ground… perfect! Except for a frozen bum from km2 until the end of the run. Planned 18K with 12k alternative pace in the middle every second km. Did work fine, although the fast pace was slightly slower than planned/expected and the “slow” pace slightly faster. But all-in-all a good run (with cramps in the calves throughout the run but nothing really to stop the running – and a frozen bum ain’t something to stop the running either!)

Now it corresponds to the Last long run before marathon – meaning soon will see the results of the efforts and workouts done so far. Hopefully the storm currently acting on the American coast will be disappearing by then. Hopefully help will have reached the needy who suffered so far of the hurricane Sandy.

Back to the marathon: NOTHING can be changed or added – just tapering until Sunday. Planning 4 easy runs during the week, a bit “careful” diet (yes, sure!) and happily finishing with a carbo-loading (Yippie!)…Just have to ensure drinking enough to avoid cramps and stretch during the week (well, nothing new – just keep on doing it… Might include though toe exercises to stretch the heels…)

For now, chilling at home and feeling good 🙂


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