Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Race Report – Budapest Marathon 2011/10/02

So, back to the cold Sweden again (home!)
Left home on Friday to Budapest and its marathon – went for an easy workout on Saturday morning on the last 6km of the race + short walk in town during the day + pasta party in the evening. Sunday it was time. A “little” description below!

> Saturday: the pasta party was nothing about party according to my taste. The pasta were a little boring and I am not sure I will participate to pasta party in the future. Though  I’ve been to a PP now! Hard to sleep because of coughing.

> Sunday: Up at 6:30am – breakfast of Special K + oatmilk + chocolate / banana. Drink water every half-hour until 7:30am. Lots of toilet visits because of water drinking (hehehe – bright white it was)! 8:45am – little massage on the legs. 9:00 am – Leaving the hotel to go to start. Nice to meet other runners along the way. Then it was time for the real thing! Left my stuff to the luggage tent and made a final visit to the toilet before the race (loooooong queues!).
Placing myself close to the 4:00 pace maker and it feels nervous in the stomach. No warmup (apart from the little kms from the hotel to the start) so the first 2 km, I followed the pacemakers à 5:27min/km
The race route is quite good – pretty flat. The heat shows up, I think around km18/20 and at km 40, it had become +32C!
Ran 4km / Walk 30sec, Ran until km8 / Walk 30sec – then I run 2km and walk 1 min. The last three kilometers (39/40/41) I walked 1min at each beginning of km. From km41, just ran as fast as possible to get under the 4 hours. No real plan actually!

Felt good about 98% of the race. At km35 it felt like a stop in the head, saying that it was fine to just stop there as it was already the longest run I have ever had!

Took water almost every water station / 2 dextrosol cubes every km / bits of banana at the last water stop

All in all – great smile when passing through the finish line. A real pleasant experience that I highly recommend. It can be run sub-4 hours on the first marathon, under conditions that one has trained (I did follow the 4:30 / 4:00 program from jogg).

Already signed up for Dubai in January and San Francisco in July 2012.
Planning not to walk too much next time and drink moderately. Anticipating a 3:45 as the next target. Sounds reasonable?

and of course CONGRATULATIONS to all who participated in the MARATHON! Really nice to meet and talk with people from different backgrounds, countries and circumstances.

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